Apr 7, 2013

32 Lessons I Learned But Not Practise or something like ME-ME-ME-all-about-me (#1)

Next month will be my 32nd thirty-second treynta-e-dos birthday. 

Just like every year on my birthday, I'm excited to post xx Things / Lessons / Wisdoms. But somehow, I could not remember I was ever able to make one, or complete one. It probably because:

* I don't really learn any thing as many as my age number
* There's nothing really that many interesting about me or I discovered.

But I guess it's more of as they day has gotten nearer to my birthday, the less I got interested with my XX Things/Lessons I originally thought of.

Anyhoo, let me try again this year. I'll try post an entry from time to time until I get to 32, or maybe 3 or just event to 2 until my birthday or maybe before the year ends.

Some random pic from my albums and albums and albums of pictures is a book of Chrissie Welling, A Life Without Limits. 
1. If ever I'm going to write about my life story, I'm going to give it a title of "A LIFE OF BREAKING LIMITS!"

I realized I'm not brave or courageous. It's more of I'm really ignorant. Sometimes, I do unsafe things for the reason that I could not fully grasp as to why it's dangerous to do it. As the saying goes, "IGNORANCE IS A BLISS!" is so me.

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