Apr 21, 2013

Medium's Strat on Acquiring Users?

A few friends are sharing posts from medium, and most of the time I would waste my time reading them. I thought medium was posthaven (long story). So I thought that I better pay posthaven so I could get those good reads.

But then I found out medium is not posthaven, and I got reminded that it's twitter's new blogging platform. If you're following posterous, I guess we all know now why it's killed.

Anyhoo, medium is still in beta stage, and by invitation. I think I did sign up for an invitation long time ago. But maybe I'm not too cool for them.

So it kind of made me think about their "getting-users" strategy?

I guess it was something like twitter before where the "cool geeks" loiter. You know how everyone wants to get invited inside the "cool geek"club.

But I guess more than that, they were able to control the quality of content. It kind of sends a message that you're supposed to post in this standard.

(Pic from Katy Haynes post.)

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