Apr 13, 2013

Relationships (#3/32)

I got lost at the start of the run, which is totally not unexpected. :)

In moments like this on a race, I kill the worry by putting my mind somewhere. And, relationships came into my mind.

When finding a partner, we can have a whole list of the strengths to find in someone -- from physical, mental, financial, to spiritual. But we rarely think of the "weaknesses" we should find in a partner. Well, who wants to think about negatives.

But I think relationships can last long because we can endure the not-so-good sides of the another. My point is that maybe we should also have a list of what weaknesses we can accept / put up in anothee. Because it is given that we can right away love the positive factors. But dealing with the not-so-sunshiny part of each other is a whole different game.

Actually, I was thinking of the annoying things of Mark the husband, which kind of made me think that, "hey, i'm also annoying."

Finally, he finished an ultra distanced race. :) And, he hates how bad he was at it! So no need for congratulations. In this relationship, I'll save that for #4.

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