Apr 20, 2013

Less Sucky Commenting Feature for Blogger / Blogspot?!?

Blogger has the worst built-in comment feature because of its anti-spam captcha step. It's a sure way to kill someone's enthusiasm to comment or join in the discussion.

Anyhoo, you can now add the Google+ for commenting, much like the facebook comments. Not at all brilliant since there are not much Google+ users, but nevertheless, it's nice to have an alternative commenting feature. 

I know there are a lot comment apps I can use in blogger. But I'm too lazy.

So I'll just share a screenshot of how to add Google+ commenting on your blogger blog.
And, I also just learned that I can tag people from my Google+ network by doing something like this +Rose Buenconsejo +Mark John Buenconsejo. Cool! =) Now let me encircle a lot of people to spam! =)

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