May 31, 2014

Operation Tuli

"Tuli" (circumcission) turned out to be complicated for Migi. We went thru 2 doctors just to cut some small piece of skin in his pennies.

And, i'm thankful that finally it's over. But I felt that it was made too complicated for Migi. I should had done more research on it.

Doctor 1 - LAZY

So i asked for a referral froma doctor friend, and she suggested to visit her clinic. So i was happy because it's going to be a friend

But what happened was she was still not there, and so another doctor that was present looked into Migi.

Bad of me, I should have insisted waiting for my friend doctor. But i thought, what's a tuli?!? 

Turned out the doctor was a traumatic experience for migi. With my kid half-naked, she announced that Migi was "palos" and adviced to postpone the tuli because it's going to hurt bad. 

I know how Migi wanted it badly, and so with a half-naked son, I was trying to discuss with the doctor and my son on how to go about it. But the doctor kept saying she could proceed but it's going to hurt.

I asked Migi if he's willing to proceed but I guessed he got also scared with the doctor repeatedly saying it's going to hurt.

So anyway, I labeled her lazy because there were 2 instances while were waiting for our turn that she was lousy handling patients.

One patient was rushed there for suffering hypertension, and she ourtightly told them to seek help from bigger hospitals. Having a hypertensive mother, i kind of have an idea of how can it be bad to just shoo away a patient having a very high BP. 

So from my seat, I suggested that the patient should at least be given captropil to lower her BP before letting her go. That's when the doctor asked her staff to find a pill for her.

Then another family came in with a kid who fell from a balcony. And as always, her response is to refer them to "bigger" hospitals.

Though, i understand that they're a primary clinic but i guess it won't hurt to at least provide some primary "care" just to ease a bit the worried patient.

Doctor 2

I got desperate because Migi really wanted to be circumcised. With every kid  in the neighborhood having it, the pressure was so high on him, and so on me.

So this neighbor mom refer me to a surgeon. Yes, a surgeon for a tuli can be overkill but i was desperate because migi might hate me for his entire life for "neglecting" his tuli needs when he needed it most. And i was also a bit scared that he might get bullied.

Anyhoo, so this surgeon is young, he has a bit of a fancy clinic. He's nice and all. 

The operation went well. Migi did not cry.

My only take-away is that I felt Migi was overly bandaged, which we could not removed for 3 days, meaning Migi cannot take a bath for 3 days. 

I felt his measures are great but it's too complicated. I felt there's no need for bandaging my son's pennies for 3 days. @.@

Anyhoo, i'm thankful it's over. 

But overall doctor 2 is a nice doctor.
I stayed away hiding the whole tuli operation. Despite undergoing 3 cs operations, Any little sight of blood can still make me faint. 

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