May 7, 2014

SG2014 Day 1: "foods"

Quite a last minute plan for me to come here to SG because Mark (for startup asia conference) needed someone to order "foods" for him. And, I was just happy to oblige. I'm also looking forward to what are the updates in the tech startup. It's been a long time that i don't really get updated, and I want to know how it is now because of aktib.

Having been here many times like twice :), the "surprise" factor is no longer there. There's the huge airport which looks way better over our malls, the very efficient train which looked familiar already. Plus the weather is just like Cebu, it seems I pretty know myself around here... 

Until I ordered food from Anana's Cafe, which was like our go-to "fastood / carenderia" the first
Time I was here, the struggle to communicate with the food attendant tells me that i'm still not really familiar at all with SG. 

So I picked Anana's for our first meal here because I felt like it's my way of "re-setting" my mind to being here in SG -- the affordable chicken rice with the kopi-c served by "strict" attendants called "uncle" or "auntie" by the locals, who are also serving the construction workers from different neighboring countries.

chicken rice
So the adventure begins, Mark at its best -- checking how to go around our wat here.
We ended up staying in some "suburb" kind of place with more trees than buildings. :)
We stayed across MacRitchie Trail and beside Bukit Brown Cemetery, which is one of the few remaining "forest" / trails in SG.
And it seems no hawker station or Anana's Cafe anywhere near. :)

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