May 22, 2014

Parenting Muscle Memory?

The last date of pedia visit on mati's baby book was 2011. It's because we're pretty dependent with Doc Tin, Mark's cousin. She's the kids' school doctor, and a neighbor so there... And, thankfully, we did not have any major health issues that needed some further consultation with their pedia, doc fortunato. Buyag!

And, I guess because after having 3 kids, i kind of experienced all kinds of sickness that we already have some muscle memory of what to do. And, 3 kids tends to make you more relax. :)

But Today, I just had the need to bring Mati because his asthma/cough/colds has been with him since Friday which is not really that long but mark
And i will be away until sunday, and I cannot have some peace of mind leaving him like that. So i brought him to the pedia to get a second opinion that he'll survive until i'm back. :)

Thankfully, doctor said that it's nothing really biggie!

Anyhoo, funny, how that clinic visit made me realized that I really do age already. The old same worn out toys displayed at the clinic, and the new younger very protective faces of parents and tiny babies. 
The moms were talking about immunization costs, which is a topic that always pops up in pedia clinics. With 3 kids, I really have not much choice but to forego the expensive ones. And, aside from the basic SOP immunizations, I'm not really a big fan of immunizations. Dirt is, for me, the best immunization. :)

It's been 9 years (10 years this August 2014) that I've been a mother / parent. How did it ever happen?!? 

After the pedia visit, the obligatory junk food session! :)

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