Aug 19, 2014

Connections Can Get You Disconnected?

I'm not born in a middle class family. Growing up, I was in the same demographics. Thus, I don't really have any connections to the upper echelon of the society. And, I never believe about the advantages of having connections. I mean, I get on my life pretty well without it that I just don't see what's the big deal about it.

So now getting a business to grow, the "connections" then kind of made sense. But then not really it's a "requirement" but it does can make things easier.

A deal that you have to write a lengthy proposal can be just be done thru a facebook message with the right connection.

It's amazing but felt funny, and too good to be true. I mean I was used to having to do it hard and long and topsy-turvy, and then suddenly someone will just do it for you with a facebook message is just feels like "kwarta sa hangin" -- it's like taking a short cut. 

So I guess in a way, having a connection is good. But I kind of felt robbed of the experience of doing it the hard way. It's when I bleed on doing something that I felt the satisfaction that I give my best, I put up a good fight.

It's like getting disconnected from the beauty of the process of making connections.

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