Aug 13, 2014

Down, up... ?!?!

It's wednesday already?!? What happened!!! 

Monday was really a downer. A long story but short story is that i "fired" mark from aktib. I know it's not even making any thing. But mark is a technology person who is spoiled of the software industry versus the high demand of social interaction of the retail and marketing, he is NO use. He does not understand the little unrelated details of what a people-driven kind of business (i dunno what term to put), and i'm not really sure about everything.

No amount of french toast could pull
Me up!

I had been saying it over and over to anyone i met that i wanted to shift aktib to a different direction. I have a picture of it, but have a vague idea of how to do it down the details. I mean seeing / visualing a picture is totally different from sketching or photographing it, right? 

I have already few people in mind that i can ask to work with or ask help from. But i really really prayed to God to send someone, that someone who can fill in the blank, or just even show me the way around it.

Oh people people people!!! Talking like a pro, people is the holy grail. When big time corporate has hard time finding the right people, surely the odds on a non-existent startup is crazy! @.@ 

Anyhoo, yesterday was a happy -- a bit of my prayer was answered. 

Anyway, on my taxi ride yestwrday, i saw this grabtaxi stickers. I'd been seeing it a lot lately so i asked the taxi driver about it. He said that a lot people are Already using it. It's free for now. He said that he liked it. He even know uber. So i was like "wow!" 

And he also knos about "miicab," but he said they're exclusive to Ken taxi. Knowing some of the people behind it, i'm wow!

You know, tech startup may not really be that far away here in Cebu. :) 

So kinda excited for next week!

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