Aug 26, 2014

Poverty P0rn

So earlier was my first "conscious" involvement of "charity" works, which i'm not really sure if i was really being charitable because i haz to do all these marketing/promotional churva while there.

So anyway, it was then earlier at calbasa-an (more story when i realized why i don't really feel comfortable doing this outreach program or charity works or whatever u call this mother-theresa-wannabe kind of deeds.

It's because i'm being slap by the reality that i really have not done much to help elevate those who need it. Though, on the other thought, i don't think they really need any help. They're doing quite well even without the help
Of others. Of course, their lives
May not be that easy but who does have an easy life. I guess they would only look "poor" because we compared them to us. 

But i believe in inspiring, and motivating them to dream. I'm really more of providing them with livelihood training, or any thing that would inspire the kids or adults alike to dream, to go after what they want. That's why i thought of bringing Bonifacio Monjas to share his story about running, and also of how to run. Then i asked soy to talk about barefoot running so that kids will have no excuse why they could not run!

So i guess my little mission is about feeding, feeding kids / adults with inapiration / knowledge and tweak them to see that they already have what it takes to go after a bigger goal. I wanted to let them discover that they have it all inside in them.

On our way home, Nong Nardo said sometbing insightful that before we can stop people from cutting trees for "uling," we should provide them with alternative livelihood... "kay dili sayon itilkaoban ka og kaldero."

Thank you, calbasa-an! Maybe i have something in me that i can use in letting people discover the greatness they have in them, waiting to be unleashed.

So now can any one lead me to where i can find individuals or institutions who can provide livelihood training. I'm
Looking at raising bees! :) i mean bees are cute!!! :)

(It was really conscious of taking photos. I don't want poverty p0rn. But I guess it was really more of my problem. They're beautiful! The place is beautiful!)

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