Aug 14, 2014

Video Production on Mobile Phone

Just out of the blue I video-ed parts of the press conference last Tuesday using my celphone. Then, i tweaked on it last night / earlier because i could not sleep listening to mati's wizzy breathing (asthma). There's just news lately about a kid died from asthma. @.@ so the horror, i cannot sleep!

I had "cameo" on my phone because Mark swore by it,  but it does not work on saved videos. So i dl-ed iMovie. And, surprisingly, it was not painful as the desktop / laptop version. 

Then, I wanted it to upload to a channel / page youtube account, not a personal account, so I download "capture" by google youtube coz it lets you choose a "page" to upload to. :)

And, viola there! How come I never thought of this way beforeeee!!! @.@ 

Quite a surprise that video creation in
Mobile phone excites me. I hate hate hate video editing and such because editing softwares drive me crazy with it's too many features.

But with mobile, the app is only packed with the very basic features that editing is so straight-to-the-point. It's very limited -- good enough for a person with limited video editing skills!

And, now i need a phone with bigger space! #chos

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