Aug 24, 2014


When i'm bombarded with too many "sensations," i tend to be comatosed at the end of it. This week and previous days were an example of too many sensory connections getting thrown at me. To survive it, i just stay still waiting for them all to pass by, die down. 

So now that i look back at all the happenings the previous days, it seemed nothing happen because i kept myself very still and unmoving to avoid exploding.

At the shooting of a seconds-film with james go, kurt fick, karl terez. The Team VP, "visually pleasing."
Joined 21k of the first talisay marathon. Got a loot bag of coffee products from
Gra of Bukidnon!
Went to UP Cebu to be "mentored."
Sandwiched geeks on a beach (goab), and...
Athletes Talk
Met and said a quick goodbye to running friends from davao, got a lootbag of pomelo from them!!!
Then GOAB again.
#selfie with albert padin. Healthy!
Then had a quick well-wishing to running frienda from CDO joining the UR9.
I just had to skip UR9 today. I'm over sensationed!

I feel so "laspag" today that I miss to truly enjoy each moment. I was just floating thru all of them, instead of "smelling the flower."

I don't think I can really survive doing a "marketing firm" project. So yeah, i'm scratching it out of my "career path."

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