Jul 11, 2015

Royal Krua Thai: Playlist

Guicon(sp) or fresh rolls, pomelo salad, pad thai, and Thai milk tea at Royal Krua Thai (BTC, Cebu branch preferrably) is the current playlist i want to eat over and over again. :)

Pomelo salad (or any of their papaya / mango salad) mix it together with pad thai is like beautiful music to my taste buds! 

I also like This soup, forgot the name. @.@
Also their home-made ice cream is worth a try. I tried their coconut icecream - yum! :)

Anyhow, I want to thank Ruby for re-introducing Thai food to me. I never liked Thai food before, i always find their flavors too extreme for my taste. 

(Sorry, Krua Thai, my photo is bad.)

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