Jul 25, 2015

When i hate weekends, i love mondays...

Looking at the picture Leah tagged me, I remember how motherhood made me loveeee Mondays and weekdays. Before, when kids were little, I dreaded weekends or long holidays because Ate Mona would be off, and I had to do everything (cooking, washing dishes to baby butts to not sleeping at night and day) with 1 or 2 babies constantly hugging my legs or crying.

So Monday morning, once Ate Mona arrived, I would throw the kids at her; go to work, and doze off at the comfort of my cubicle to catch up on the sleepless weekend/holidays. To my previous employers, thank you for saving my sanity.

Being sleepless on working days were bearable because at least I would have my "break" at the office. But on weekends and especially long holidays, i'd be all alone with 2 kids strapped all over my body; i'd feel like a zombie without a daybreak.

The one time I "accidentally" took a nap on a Christmas holiday, a baby cried because he fell off from the bed. And he had a "bukol" on his head as a Worst Mother award to me.

So to all the mothers-to-be, it's perfectly okay to NOT have a baby. And if you really really want to, FOOD IS COMFORT. @.@ 
Go on, indulge because you know happy mother is happy kids. :)
So these photos were like "Inday and dodong's day-off."

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