May 16, 2016

[April, 2016] Popcorn & Stories 1

After attending the launching of Pansitpoetry of Karla Quimsing (you can order via email or at Kapehan Ceferina), we were inspired to do something about writing. So I thought of doing something like the Balakhak poetry reading and Storyteller Night at Happy Garaje. We're going to write our own story then share it at the end of the month. But the willing participants were just Meg and I.

Happy that we're able to make it in our first edition last April. And when the boys saw the popcorn and mountain dew, they're now interested to be part of it. But they said that it should be Doritos and mountain dew next time.

So my story was "What's the password?" as read by Meg, please see video.

Below is Meg's story, copied as is from her notes.

Title: The Penguin that wanted to fly.....

It was a cold winter day and a snowstorm was coming, And so the Penguins around the area were scared, so they quickly went inside a cave that they found, but one of the mother Penguins was struggling to get inside as she was pregnant. The father penguin was helping the mother penguin as she struggled to walk, as the snowstorm got nearer. The Penguins waiting on the cave for the mother and father Penguins was starting to get impatient, but the parent Penguins were successful. And so the other Penguins made fire while the others went to cover the cave, while the mother penguin went to sit near the fire to warm up. It started to get nightfall, and one by one the Penguins got tired and went to look for a good area for each of them to sleep. The next day while they were sleeping the snowstorm begun around the area, they were hiding. The Penguins would have slept longer but some strange noise was coming inside the cave and so the Penguins woke up, to look for the source of the noise. They found out the noise was coming from the mother penguin, the mother penguin was having her baby....... After a few hours, there were know a new penguin in the pack and her name is Penny. The snowstorm was still raging on outside and the mother penguin was trying it's hard to warm her new born child. After a few days Penny started to learn how to walk and do other stuffs. As the snowstorm raged on, Penny learnt how to speak, understand others, and eat. As days went by and the snowstorms didn't show any hint of stopping and the one day  it finally stopped. The Penguins were relief to found out it was finally over and some of the Penguins journeyed outside to see if it's safe enough to go outside, the Penguins that went outside finally came back and said that it's safe to go outside know. One by one they went outside and finally Penny went outside and the first thing she saw was a beautiful  Albatrosses, petrels and all kinds of beautiful birds flying over the shore, she never knew animals can fly high up the sky and so she started to flap her wings but she just can't fly and so she dashed to her parents and asked them why they can't fly and her mother told her that it's just what Penguins are not allowed to do. Penny was really disappointed but she made it a lifetime ambition of hers to fly up the sky and flew with the other magnificent birds that she just saw and travel the world using her big wings. And so she practiced and practiced but she just can't fly, she even asked some birds in tips on how to fly but the birds will just say Penguins are not meant to fly, the other Penguins are not any help either they will say the same thing the birds would always say. But she was determined to fly, and fly higher then any penguin has been. Then years went and go but she was still determined to learn how to fly and she still hasn't  stop her longtime wish. Until one faithful day the birds felt pity for the penguin, Penny, and so they made a plan to help Penny. They called Penny to a small hill and told her to jump really high and so she did but what she didn't know was that the birds hold onto her back using there scaly feets and the birds flapped there wings and the little penguin was amazed and how amazing it felt to fly up in the sky, she felt she was free from all of her burden, free from everything, she wished that this day will never end, and all of the Penguins saw her, Penny, Fly high in the sky they couldn't believe it and her parents were so proud that her lifetime wish came through and cheered her on and she felt herself smile. But sadly after a few more minutes the birds started to get tired so they landed and flew away before Penny saw them and as they flew away the birds felt proud for helping Penny. All of the Penguins wanted to meet the only living penguin that can fly. And from day onward she has become a legend. It became to an inspiration for other little Penguins to learn how to fly too. And to this day the Penguins are still finding new ways on flying for it has become an inspiration to Penguins all over the word to finally use there wings and fly. THE END!!!!!


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