May 1, 2016

Bohol Day 4: The Search for the Best Tableya

April 24, 2016

Next to Bohol Bee Farm icecream, the thing I look most forward to in Bohol is their Tableya tsokolate (hot cocoa / chocolate drink). Forget about coffee. Their tsokolate, be it in resorts or in their merkado's "painitan", is just delicious. There's that certain smooth thickness of their tsokolate. I think their tableya deserves to be on top of the local delicacy pasalubong of Bohol.

(The tsokolate at Bluewater Panglao is kinda fancy with Milk as the "water" and cinnamon sticks as the sweetener.)

The "tableya" sold at Bohol Bee Farm were kinda pricey maybe because it's organic. Searching for alternative, So I asked the chef of the resort's resto, a few people, and a Boholano friend, and they all said to just get it from the "merkado" or grocery / mall.

So to make it more dramatic, I went to the Central Public Market, which was across a mall. Actually, everyone was just lazy, and the most convenient way to drop me off was at the market.

I went around the place asking for the people's suggestion of where to get the best "Tableya"...

from the "dry goods" manager
Painitan. A batirol is a familiar piece in Painitan's in the markets of Bohol. the batirol seller
And all of them pointed me to Bebie's stall (sorry forgot if this was the correct name. How lame of me. But anyhow, i think whatever brand / maker of tableya in Bohol is good.) I also got myself a "batirol." 

(Shut up and take my money!@.@)

Other photos of Bohol Day 4:

Assigned to be the Responsorial Psalm reader at the resort's Sunday mass...

Crossed to Tagbilaran for a lunch at a Dimsum resto (forgot the name)...

Mati's attempt at the rope course at the resort's playground...


Fake biking... As we're only allowed to bike on the short stretch of cemented pathway. Good enough for a photo op. @.@
Waiting for sunset at the beach...

Migi's litow crabby...
This kid was really sick at this moment. Later at night, his fever went up to 39+ degrees. This usually happens during long trips. :(

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