Apr 29, 2016

Bohol Day 3: foodie

April 23, 2016

I'm not sure if this day was Earth Day but been seeing "Happy Earth Day" on my social media timeline so here's an Earth Day #OOTD.
I so like the "silhig tukog" of the resort's staff. They had a different way of binding that it's more "bukad" and lighter. If only it's easy to hide it so I could take one with me home.

The resort has this path lined with bamboos. It feels like I was either in Japan or in the land of Panda.
Whole day was spent by the kids on the pool. That's why I kind don't really like much resorts with pool because I prefer to soak myself in the sea but then kids prefer more the pool so I had not much choice.
In between lounging at the pool, we were foodie-ing.
We could not miss the ice cream at Bohol Bee Farm. I feel that their ice cream here tastes much better than their branch in Cebu especially when you're sitting on their wooden bench under the trees.
Later in the afternoon, I could not help but explore the beach on my own. 
Dinner was pizza, which made me realized thaf everyone in this family loves pizza except I. 
They love pool, and I love the sea. They love pizza, and I love siopao which they also love.

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