Apr 22, 2016

Bohol Day 1: That Different Kind of Bohol

April 21, 2016

It was probably in 2012 that I first set foot in Bohol to join a fun run. Ever since then, there's not a year that I have not visited this island. So somehow, I kind of memorize the different touristy spots of this place. I mean we have the same itinerary every time we come here: bohol bee farm ice cream, alona beach for the bohol bee farm ice cream, yet another eat-all-you-can you don't need at loboc river cruise, the chocolate hills, garden cafe, cafe lawis, and all those tarsier-butterfly-snake watching along the way.

So this time we decided to go to a new place, yet still another touristy, Danao Adventure Park. But it's a different kind of Bohol than what I was used to. It was unusual to see signboards of the resort very faded thus it was a bit of a challenge finding it, aside that it's in some mountain area of what somewhat to be in the middle of nowhere in Bohol. 
That was an exaggeration description. :) It was actually because they have not recovered from the massive earthquake 2 years ago thus we did not see the usual flock of tourist vans plighting the route. Unlike in Panglao and the other destinations in a typical Bohol itinerary of touring vans, the Danao Adventure Park is kinda struggling to bounce back. But the staff are doing the most with what is left of it.
(Our accommodation, house in the woods.)
(In the inside, we have a good view of the woods. Well, it feels like our home back in Badian.)
There were still a number of visitors doing the paid activities like caving, and their best-selling zipline. Their other adventure activities are stopped as they're destroyed by the earthquake.
I'm not so fond of "zipline-y" kind of resort but this time, I cannot help but feel so sad and wish I love to do the zipline.

We wanted to do the river trekking but they stopped it because the river is dumped with big rocks, it's hard to pass through the river trail. Caving is only for at least 15yrs old and up, so I settle for the root climbing as this the only activity that can let us go closer to the river as Mati wanted to do some swimming. And, I thought it's a no-brainer.

The trek to the "root" was really fun.
When we arrived at this huge root, watching the 90 degree angle made it easy for me to say NO. But Migi wanted to do it.
(With one of the guides, Philip.)
While I was looking after Mateo dipping into the river, I turned around and saw that Migi was already halfway of his climb. Gawd, I hate that I miss the whole thing from the start.
And, he rappeled back to the ground.
Oh boy, I am sooo proud of my #bebeboy #1!

It's nice how 3 little people have a different take with nature.

Migi chose to climb.
Mati lounged in the river.
While Meg simply lounged. :)
The boys took a dip for a few minutes before heading back to our house in the woods.
The best part is we got a family picture. The last one was at Canso-X. Trail guides do love to take family photos. :)
Thank you to our guides from Danao Adventure Park, Philip and Albert. 

And, it was nice to come "home" to a home-cooked meal prepared by the staff.
It was a different kind of Bohol, that touristy feels but the staff are so home-y. :)

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