Apr 5, 2016

Pizza and Pansit(poetry) Date

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It was kind of an April Fool's Day joke when I found myself with my 10-year old daughter in a crowd of college kids geeking over poetry at Handuraw organized by UP TINTA. Somehow, they make me feel old and I'm their mother chaperoning them on their Friday night-out

But they're not really kids when they can already get the sarcasm or the sexual tones of the "balak," right? 

Anyhow, it was just awesomely amazing to see a very big tight crowd for a "poetry" event. Like seriously, Cebu is becoming a "reading" city?!? It feels like where was I, did I miss on something, when did this happen?!? 

Back in college, I remember I "tried" joining a poetry group, or was it literary group, and there were probably less than 10 people who attended it. While I was mainly there because the president was a "crush." And I only lasted up to 2 meetings. Looking back at it, I wish I sticked to it a little longer.

I'm not a poetry person. For me, poetry needs some kind of an extra "creativity" to enjoy it, which I don't have. But that what makes poetry interesting to me, the mystery of how do people "love" it. 

The first time I was able to appreciate the beauty of poetry was when we were made to read a Rabindranath Tagore poem by Mdm Pinzon, our Asian lit teacher in high school. And only 1 classmate of ours was able to fully understand the poem. And there's that certain kind of "fire" in her eyes when she read the poem, and then interpret it to us. Isn't that amazing that a poem can bring out that certain "fire" in a person! (That classmate is now a judge.)

So it's like I'm not that interested with poetry, but I'm interested with its effect on some people -- how people can  lose theirselves in it.

So I was there with Meg because she's been saying that she wants to be a published author. And, I'm not really sure if she understands what does it really mean so I brought her there so she could see a published author in person. 

But the closest we were able to get to see the author, Karla Quimsing, was the "book booth" because it was really full-packed. It was a happy great kind of full-packed! 
So we got 2 copies and went home as Meg's already complaining of being squeezed. So I told her that if you want to be a published author, you need to be thankful about a crowd.  Some #lifechanging assvice! @.@

On our taxi ride going home, we talked about book publishing and the book cover art. It was nice to see an eeny weeny spark in her on this kind of stuff. But Somehow it kind of worries me what if she would really pursue that path, I might end up buying a crowd and her books because I will really feel so bad to see her disappointed. @.@

Or I'll buy pizza. It's said that it can heal all disappointments! :)
We made a pact that we'll do our own monthly story telling of our written stuff. Now I'm pressured. I hope I don't disappoint myself or I'll buy pizza. :)

Orders & Inquiries for Pansitpoetry book: email / msg @damgocebu over IG.

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