Apr 27, 2016

Bohol Day 2: Sierra Bullones

April 22, 2015.

When you're asked of where you've been to, then you answer "SIERRA BULLONES" instead of just "Bohol." It sounds like you were off to somewhere more romantic and exotic like Santorini or Ibiza (Not to underestimate The exoticness of Bohol but you know what I mean.). It sounds like Sarah Barelleis. Sierra Bullones.

Sierra Bullones, Bohol. So we did not really stay in this place. But I just love the name "Sierra Bullones" roll in my tongue. I just want to say and write it over and over again, SIERRA BULLONES.

The word made me think back of those uneventful afternoons sitting on my desk in Grade 4 classroom in Badian Central School spent on reading the History book where it probably mentioned Sierra Bullones as where Francisco Dagohoy ran and hide. I probaby just made that up. But seeing the beautiful mountain range of Sierra Bullones, it's nice to visualize Dagohoy hiking / running there.

(Brave biker under the heat of the sun along Sierra Bullones road.)

So back to our Day 2 in the beautiful island of Bohol, we checked out of Danao Adventure Park as we'd be spending the rest of the Bohol "vacation" in Panglao island together with the 90% of the "tourists."

(Morning walk at Danao Adventure Park before checking out.)
I love morning walks because it's when you see the world like this, when you cannot help but feel very grateful just because so. 
So the bestest part of Danao Adventure Park in Bohol for me was just simply roaming around it, and their no-frills home-cooked meal.
The usual (more popular) route of going to Tagbilaran / Panglao Island is via Sagbayan then Carmen (where the famous Chocolate Hills view deck is), but we opted to do the SIERRA BULLONES route down to Jagna. From Jagna, it's pretty straightforward to Tagbilaran / Panglao Island then.

I know now why the Sierra Bullones route is not so popular because it's like passing Transcentral Highway of Cebu. But of course, the view high up in the mountain is always worth it.
The other reason why we opted for the Sierra Bullones route was because we wanted to have lunch in Jagna at Idea Pensionne / Garden Cafe. It's the same of that Garden Cafe in Tagbilaran whose staff are mostly deaf-mute. (We just really have to make up this reason though.)
Then, finally Panglao Island. We stayed at  Maribago Bluewater because we have these unused membership card aka discount coupons and food stamps. 
When Mark asked how did I find the resort, "It's like we're in Cebu." Jowk. Sierra Bullones. 

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