Jan 18, 2005

100 Things About Me

i've read a lot 100 things about me on a lot of blogs. and, i feel like making one, for reasons i don't know. maybe, i feel like i'm some celebrity that everybody wants to know every nittygritty details about me. whatever! or maybe i could extend the list to 500...

here's the list...

1. my favorite color is ORANGE. no, make it, "I LOVE ORANGE!"

- so if you're having problem thinking of what to give me as a present or just for a surprise, just simply give me any orange stuff. rest assured, it will be greatly treasured!

2. i am an only child.

- and most of the people say i'm lucky. and i say, don't envy me! why the freak you think being alone equates to being lucky! i want siblings to share the scoldings and house chores and whatever things my mother wishes/requests me to do! and, on the positive side, i also want some siblings to share fun moments too!

3. i am chismosa to the nth power.

- ogie diaz is my idol. i eat showbiz balita for my breakfast, ogie diaz and niña corpuz. satuday tv watching is a switch between startalk and ek. and sunday afternoon are s-files and the buzz! for everyday sustainance are - showbiz balita on pilipinostarngayon,, yehey tabloids.

4. my real first name is ROSE.

- a lot of people ask me what's my real name. blame it on my father for giving me such a "unique" name. my father gave me a short name because he was afraid that i would not pass grade 1 because i might not know how to spell my name correctly.

5. i graduated valedictorian in elementary.

- and, there's nothing special about it. i still end up as an average, sometimes/most of the time not-average, college student. i just post this as a reply to my father, refer to #4. i'm even ashamed of this fact.

6. i'm guilty of eavesdropping.

- this is in connection to #3.

7. of all the songs that came to be my favorite, "four seasons of loneliness" by boyz II men never exited the list. i simply do not get tired of this song.

8. i hate mondays and fridays except if payday falls on these days.

- can't we have 4-day weekend?!

9. i prefer shoes over clothes. i simply adore sneakers. but i definitely cannot afford them to have a shoe collection.

- currently, i only have 2 pairs of "wearable" shoes. poor me!!!

10. i prefer sappy mushy sometimes pathetic pinoy love-story movies over foreign love story movies.

- pinoy love stories do simply have a lot of kilig factors for me!

11. i go for "pansit" over spaghetti! siopao over burger!

- you think chinese food does not make me sick?

12. i hate my indecisiveness.
13. i am a hanky person.
14. i'm pro-gay union.

- and it's because of this couple here.

15. the first album i ever bought is "Dangerous" by michael jackson. i was big fan of him back then.
16. christmas is my most favorite holiday of the year!
17. i fear rejection!
18. i heart tiGGer!
19. egg yolks make me puke! even its smell...
20. i loooveee rain!!!

- it makes me want to snuggle and cuddle and dooze off!

21. one of my ultimate dream is to have a beautiful nice sexy pair of feet which does not make me curl my toes or hide them when wearing some sexy strappy sandals.

- my mother usually describe my feet as "mang-uuma's" feet. i'm not saying farmers have some ugly feet. owkei?

22. off all the high-tech gadgets that cam to be known this century, celphone does amaze me.

- and i can't live without one now. i don't know with others but i feel so isolated without this.

23. the name of my first pet dog is "punky". i was like 6 years old when i have it.
24. i am PRO-LIFE but i respect pro-choicers.
25. i am nearsighted since i was 12. eyeglasses became part of my life back then.
26. the first time i was confined in a hospital was when i gave birth to miguel.
27. i need to be sliced to get the baby out of my tummy.
28. blood is fear factor for me.

this is for now. 72 more to go...

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