Jan 6, 2005

my daily routine in office

1. greet the door keeper (guard)
2. log-in
3. boot the PC and log-in
4. roam around the office for some chika and food
5. back to my cubicle which is owned by honey
6. open the microsoft outlook
7. open 4 IE's
8. read the emails (which are usually broadcast emails) on my outlook
9. open the freshstart
10. open,,
11. surf and roam around the information superhighway in between answering customers' emails (my work)
12. then think about food, the chines lumpia down in yumyum tree
13. then post some nonsense on multiply to divert my thoughts on food
14. because i'm too lazy to move, i discreetly eat my lunch in cubicle which is a no-no here in my office
15. then go to the restroom
16. stop by the water station
17. back to cubicle
18. repeat 11, 12, 13
19. then repeat 13 many times until i can't help my self but grab a chinese lumpia or any food
20. then reason out it's owkei, they're veggies anyway - they wont ruin your diet. yes, i'm on endless diet state which i think won't work unless i move my butt and do some real exercise.
21. after finishing some food, repeat 11, 12, 13
22. then wait for the time to go .

wowww!!! only 22 steps?? how exciting!

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