Jan 4, 2005

not yet baby

my baby, miguel, will be 5 months this january 10. one more month and he will be 6 months - it's like he's a half-year old already! oh no, i don't want my baby to grow up and older yet! i just want him to be stucked in his almost 5-month age. i can't seem to get enough of him yet -
his gibberish cooings,
his wake-up smiles,
his peaceful sleep,
his rolling over and over around the bed/crib,
his pitiful cries,
his cunning/devious cries,
his no-tears cries,
his whimpering,
his habit of putting every thing that gets into his hands inside his mouth,
his little antics of his own,
his habit of coughing to get your attention,
his reaching and pulling his "binitay" toys,
his sweaty head,
his shouts and chants early in the morning,
his weeweeing and pooing,
his milk-smell mouth,
his being hyper-active,
his being such a chismoso baby,
his smiles and excitement when being bath,
his enchantment and sparkling eyes every time he sees christmas trees with lights on,
his curiosity,
his love for fishes,
his smiles,
his tantrums,
his short attention span,
his interest on chewing books,
his losing interest on a toy,
his showing great interest on a new toy,
his morning battle against eating some solid foods,
his innocent eyes which pops,
his little interest on dora the explorer,
his chuckles, giggles, snickers, hoots, snorts, chortle
his way of expressing amusement,
his jumping up and down,
his onesies,
his rashes,
his sweaty smell,
his fresh-bath smell,
his unkempt hair,
his nails which needs constant trimming,
his small socks, small shoes,
his attention-seeking attitude,
his special attachment to his yaya,
his constant wailing when he's not being carried,
his trying hard to sleep on his own,
his sad face,
his sleepy face,
his drools,
his being hard-headed,
and just about any thing and every thing about him. i could go on and on.

i can't imagine him being a big boy and doing every thing on his own. i don't like for that day to arrive (not soon) that he'd no longer sleep beside me or needs me for his milk/titi. i don't like that day to arrive that he will not fit in onesies any more, when i can't dress him up with those pooh/disney-characters printed onesies, when he can trim his own nails already.

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