Jan 18, 2005


in our restrooms, one of the cubicles in it has the "FOR DIRECTORS AND MANAGERS ONLY" sign on its front door. i'm just wondering if this is common in other companies/offices too...

from the previous company i was in, the comfort rooms are for everybody. so when i got into this new company, this is one of the first things that caught my attention. my reaction was like, "really???"

to get a feel of being a director/manager, i used this "special" cubicle one time. oh well, there's no difference actually with the rest of the cubicles. it still is tissueless, no ass-wipers!!! and it's a manual flush. the only thing is you get to smooch your ass with the director's/managers' asses too. so now your ass is a beso2x amiga of the heads' asses. whatever!

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