Jan 20, 2005

byebye jonathan and victoria

if you're an amazing race follower, you surely know this couple. i know a lot of people hate this team and are praying that they be out of the race. i hate them too. i hate their team but i love them to be still in the race. admit it, their team surely added spice to the race. you can't wait for jonathan's next stunt.

i was hoping that aaron and his partner (is it hayden?), the actors couple, would be the one eliminated from the race yesterday.

except for lori and bolo, i find the other teams of AR6 unexciting and boring. they lack personality (whatever i want to mean by this). they pretty look the same. i can't even make out who's who in them.

i really miss chip & kim. i really miss chip's comments on the places they set foot on. AR5 was for me the best race!

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