Jan 6, 2005

LOVE project

i was planning way back last year that i would make some postcard kinda thing of miguel which i could keep and give out to his ninangs and ninongs and friends and whoever wanted it for christmas. it's past christmas and new year and three kings, and still i have done nothing over it. well, i could not find time to do it and my little creative side does not perk up yet . owkei, i admit i'm plain lazy after miguel's birth.

hopefully, i could start on it this weekend. but this is not a promise. so, i'll start badgering Changkol (miguel's uncle) to get a nice cute picture of him which i could use. i don't like the studio kind of picture. i like it more being candid and colorful with a very kiddy atmosphere. mmmm, you think i sound too much?

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