Jan 3, 2005

myBIGFATself - HELP!!!!

pleeeaasseee somebody help me! i feel soooo super huge! i need a fast easy (meaning no exercise needed) cheap way to lose some weight. i'm pretty much desperate!

i'm always on the heavy side however this time is my heaviest. i just can't conceal it any more. it's all showing and i'm feeling it! and it's no gooodd! it's sooo bad that mirrors are now my number 1 enemy. i feel like every part of my body is bulging! oh, bulges, please get away!

how i wish i could just scrub off those fats! i better start reading that South Beach Diet.

i promised myself to control my food intake strating today! I'M NOT GONNA EAT TODAY, I'M NOT GONNA EAT TOMORROW COZ I'M GONNA BE A SUPERMODEL!!! yes, i'm going to starve my self to death. but with my supersize now, i feel like even if i starved my self to death, it won't help!

oh Lord, please help me. i don't care if i won't get a raise after six months, just please make me thin! a raise and a sexy body are also very welcome! also, Lord, please make my taste buds insensitive to foods though i'm quite scared if this would happen.

your negative remarks about my physical beauty are all very welcome! your remarks could be a great inspiration!

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