Oct 16, 2006

third world thoughts

1. CICC (Cebu International Convention Center) --- I do pray that it will be finished in time for the big event. I believe the summit ek ek would be a good thing for Cebu. =)

2. Nursing leakage --- Why are they making big issue out of this? And, their decisions on how to solve the issue are just making the situation worse and worst! Leakage happens, it's a common knowledge, and sad truth.


nina lorraine said...

hehehe amen to all this.. =)

Therese Habana said...

i agree with you rose. when i was there, gikuyawan ko if mahuman in time ang convention center. the summit will be a great thing to cebu, dapat di mapalpak! =D

jen cabucos said...

yep, i like it coz every street diri cebu (i guess) k mura gi-facelift. i hope even after the summit k i-maintain jpon sa govt para dili pod masayang. and as for the nursing leakage, kita2x ra jpon nagpaka-uwaw sa ato kaugalingon, agggrrr!

☼SuNwOrShIpPeR☼ . said...

kita ra ghapon ang gi gisa sa atong kaugalingong mantika!!