Dec 15, 2006

shopping is not for the weak

Shopping would be much EASIER if I do NOT need to look at the price tags!!! You know the feeling that you finally find the perfect item but when you turn the price tag and see that it costs your entire shopping budget, it's just so frustrating. Then, you'd turn and turn the price tag hoping that there is a 50% off printed somewhere on the tag, or you'd ask the sales staff if it this on sale but then no. You wish! Next thing is you'd try to look for something similar with lower price but unfortunately, either the most close to what you like has also a most close similar price to the original one or they come cheaper but they just do not have the 'feel' like of that of the original.

It kind of sucks when it's Christmas time and you're financially poor.
You can do nothing but look for another item that would fit into your budget, but you will always have that nagging feeling of so-near-yet-so-far. It's like losing in a losing battle (does this make sense?)! That's why I hate shopping. It reminds me of how I and Gretchen Barreto are worlds apart!

MERRY CHRISTMAS, multipliers! I wish you get more than what is in your wish list.


mimi herrera villaruel said...

hi rose. ako, nay budget for each recipient nya when i shop, deretso na ko didto sa items nga within my budget ang prices. so far, enjoy baya ko sa akong christmas shopping bisag gamay ra ang budget. ang ako man sad gud rule is it's really the thought that counts. i got cute items for P65, set2x na sya that i know the recipient would enjoy.

merry Christmas to you and your family.

Therese Habana said...

rose, i hate shopping too hehehe! kapoy mamili. if u must know, my xmas shopping was on a budget too. generic gifts for the few adult friends we have around here and toys (marked cheap, although i wish we bought gifts from cebu para barato gyud unta) for the kids.

unsa man imong plano sa noche buena? murag kami sayo man mag noche buena sa 23rd na w/bisaya friends. nanghid nako ni mark mag shop for a few items needed sa house after xmas kay grabe mag sale diri.

rose buenconsejo said...

mimi, sorry. i accidentally hit the Delete button instead of Reply. tag P50 ra man sad ako pamaliton na gifts. =) but sometimes maglaway man jud ka atong mahalon oy. =)

rose buenconsejo said...

noche buena -- nothing much. kids will be asleep na at that time. pero ig 25 mag exchanging gifts mi wd the family plus kaon2x. =) right now, mura wa pa may concept sila sa christmas oy.

i'm looking forward sad sa year-end sale. di diay jud ka pasamok sa imo sale shopping bilin man jud akio... =)

Therese Habana said...

kami sad murag mag midnight snack ra siguro mi ni mark, pero sure ko mata pa si akio ana heheh! di man ma feel ang noche buena diri kay way pabuto and all that shebang like that in the phils. perteng laaya gyud!

magkuyog mi ug malling uy. pwede sad ko nila ibilin sa store nya laag sila sa laing department. pero kuyog gyud kay di ko kabaw mo drive hehe!