Feb 11, 2013

Day 2: SG

I woke up, and it was still dark. And, I could no longer go back to sleep. Annoying!

Mark said that maybe I'm very excited. I checked the phone, and to my surprise it was already 630am.

Funny, before going to sleep at around 130 am, I felt crying. That was probably what they call "homesick." After the thrill of experiencing a fast internet connection, and riding a train, I already wanted to go home.

I was thinking that I'm just being OA. But when I woke up today, it's still the first thing that popped in my mind -- I want to go back to my dirty smelly hot chaotic Cebu. I don't think I'm being patriotic or something. I guess it's because I probably had not planned in adbance, and now I really don't know what to do here.

At the train last night, I saw this guy wearing some statement shirt: "Resorts World, free the dolphins. They're the saddest dolphins." Thing is I'm not fond of "resorts" or made-up attractions, which I think what is the major attraction of SG (or maybe I might be proven wrong). It's a long story but it goes back to that "island hopping incident" of Caresharing years ago. From then on, I just hate any thing that looks so bling and "made-up comfort to entertain people" like that beanbag of the banca cruise. With Mark being the leader when that incident happened, it scared the hell out of me of how he was responsible if any thing really went wrong. The crew who was hit by the 2 colliding boats was traumatic to me. Anyhoo, it's a long story. And, it can be so holier-thou-art kind of story.

So while taking a bath earlier, I really feel like strangling Mark for bringing me here and more of all having to stay here for 7 days.

But as they say, I can always change my reaction. So yes, I'm soooo looking forward to what SG will bring to me today and the coming days.

(Pic is view from the place where we stay. We're kind of "couchsurfing" so we're actually living in someone's house.)

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