Feb 23, 2013

on my own: coffee and conversation

Weekend afternoons at home are spent having coffee and conversations of me and Mark. It can be about his biking, our run, a product, an article, design, work, life, people, country, and whatever he recently came across with.

But for now, I have to contend with having myself to only to talk to. Mark is in Camiguin now, then next week to another place. It can be schizophrenic but Best conversations can happen in my mind. :)

As I wrote before, while others flaunt their bags or hair or body or legs or pretty face, I flaunt my thoughts. That's why I have 101 blogs.

Anyhoo, I should be getting used to having alone weekend conversation with myself and coffee. It kinda looks Mark will be doing a few OFW stint this year. :(

1 comment:

Unknown said...

awww... you miss your hubby and missing him in advance ♥