Feb 14, 2013

Day 5: SG

Yesterday was uneventful. I felt that the stereotype of the place you're going to somehow dictates what you should do in that place though it's something you don't really do on a regular basis.

So since SG is about shopping, then we also have to do shopping. So yesterday was the day dedicated to shopping of mark john. Between the 2 of us, he is the girl when it comes to shopping. While I'm the listening board while he justifies the item he'd be buying.

We went to Queensway Shopping Center as a friend advised, it's the haven for running stuff. True enough, it got all the nike, adidas, reebok, and puma brands. The stores are like copy-and-paste with each other. They somehow have the same stuff. But we did not get nothing as I felt we can just find them all in Cebu, Philippines, and at almost the same price (check Sports depot). Maybe buying there would get me a savings of p500 but maybe I'd rather spend it on Cebu, and contribute a little in the local economy.

Queensway reminded of Gaisano South. Anyhoo, Mark was not giving up after not pick anything from Queensway. So we went from one mall to another -- to some concept store in some artsy fartsy place to high-end mall to something like an Ayala-kind of mall where finally. I was faking my "happiness" the whole time so as not dampen Mark's spirits. Anyhoo, no gloominess that cannot be treated with "Kopi C" (coffee with milk. actually,it's condense milk if i'm not mistaken) -- it's Singapoeran's way of making coffee which I did not like at first but Is now liking it, after almost consuming our day just hopping from one mall to another,

I probably had ridden on all train routes for yesterday. But still I have not fully grasp the train system. As I was busy trying to figure out the different nationalities that would get into the train, busy categorizing which were real deal Singaporeans and the foreigners. I was also busy trying to imagine how it is to live their lives here.

Aside from the language, I did not really feel a foreigner as it seems everyone looks one. Somehow I understand why SG's a bit strict with migrants. While riding, sitting on a train, I cannot help but feel guilty that a Singaporean has to stand as all seats were taken mostly by foreigners. Anyhoo, that's a totally different long story,

Anyhoo, Mark got a bit lucky with his "shopping" while I was not. The Filipina sales staff explained that they're having sales promo after sales promo because of the successive holidays -- Christmas to Chinese New Year thus their female stocks run out. So I guess it's just the same back home where every pay day is a sale day. Though, they say there's that biggest sales in a year.

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