Feb 13, 2013

day 4: SG

Again, I felt the pang of homesickness last night. And, it's not because SG is not beautiful or what. It's really just more of myself.

I kind of get how to make some decent conversation with the people here, and the secret is to pronounce it without a twang, and make it short. And, so it's hard to learn more about them or something as I could not have some longer talk with them. So there's always that having to watch out for my actions/words as I don't really know how they go around here.

It's just, SG is not my party. Of course, it takes time to adjust. But yesterday / today, I just want to go home.

Probably because I realized the things and activities I want to do and can afford to do are all in Philippines. To experience the real SG (which is not in Philippines), it's expensive. Anyhoo, long story, My point is, there's no need for me to stay long here. I identified the things I want and can afford to do in SG, and i don't need a weeklong to do them here.

So I guess, I'm now bored! And, I'm not blaming SG for that. I'm really more suited to the 3rd world country. :)

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