Feb 12, 2013

Day 3: SG

Happy pill. I was not happy when I woke up yesterday. But all things change when we finally we're able to go out and run.

Is SG's ubran planner a runner or cyclist or an outdoor person? While running thru their park connector to East Coast Park, it's the question that kept going in my mind. People here definitely have no excuse that they cannot run because they don't have a place to. They have this "park connector" that goes thru from the different SG areas to their parks. And, it's exclusive for people on foot or bike. So you can just follow that path, and you'll end up in their park. It's like a train's railway, which can bring you to and from your place to the business district.

So figuring out how to run around SG is quite easy! And, that I'm happy now! I could not care about the other stuff.

But the food is still a struggle. Though a big part of the food problem is the language. For one, they don't understand me and vice versa. And, second, SG people are just not the wordy kind of people like Pinoys who are fond of short talks. I realized we, Pinoy, can talk a great length about a dish with all the drama to someone. SG peeps are straight to the point. Somehow, out of being polite, I won't bother to let them waste their time just to explain to me the difference of mutton and beef, roti and pratha.

Anyhoo, it's Chinese new year here now - big holiday for the Chinese. Thus, no Chinese resto open. Hopefully, when the Chinese will be back, food will not be that hard to figure out.

HIGHLight of the day. Light and water show. If not for RJ and Aiza, mark and i would probably not bother with it.

There was some festival ongoing at Marina Bay yesterday, where the light and water show is held. So it was like 'Sinulog' when we were there.

It was an added bonus to see the different side of SG when I got to see the different nationalities - from the LV buyers to the Bangladesh men working for construction all in one place.

Witnessing the water and light show with the stunning buildings at the back was when I felt how rich SG is. It's like visiting a very distant relative in some high-end residential area. It's SG way of saying, I'm the boss.

And, I could not disagree with that!

No more gloominess now. As long as the park connectors are there, I'm fine having to play a guessing game with my food. But, if he's a man, I don't think he's someone i'll have a crush on. :) SG is probably that nerdy classmate I would be happy to have as a groupmate in class projects.

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