Feb 15, 2013

Day 6: SG

Happy Valentines, SG!

It was raining the whole day yesterday. I woke up early to finish some write-up, then went back to sleep until like 3pm when Mark could no longer take the hunger. We were supposed to go to the highest mountain of SG yesterday but rain was just unfriendly.

Anyhoo, while we got lost because of the rain, in between bus stops, staring at the rain, i came to conclusion that SG is a nice place after all.

It's Flor Contemplacion that the 1st thing that popped in my mind when thinking about SG. Blame it on the essays we had to make back in high school about Flor Contemplacion and Women's Day. It never got unstuck of my mind because I remember I could not put anything to write about Flor and women.

So anyhoo, despite all the stories about their being strict and their scary punishment, SG is actually quite a generous and very open country. Looking at the different nationalities going in and out of the bus and trains, Singaporeans, after all, are very accommodating people. Looking at the instructions interpreted in different languages, they actually are thinking of the welfare of the different nationalities living in their little country, and not only about the Singaporeans.

So I don't think they're the type of people who give major punishment without a thought.

Of course, I really do not know how it is with those who are living here, but as a "tourist," they're very good people, though they just not look like friendly. Well, to each his own. Of course, there are instances that you got those stares especially in the train on rush hours. But I guess it's just natural for them to get annoyed at times of how they became inconveniet because of the influx of too many foreigners. It's like they're the rich neighbor, and somehow everyone just want to get a share from them.

Anyhoo, we just ended up yesterday at the Suntec mall. And, I like it because almost all shops have Filipinos, which means, it's easier to converse. At restos, I can now have someone to at least explain about the food, and ask recommendation.

It was a bit weird though to be served by Pinoys here in SG. I guess for one because somehow I assumed that they are really here to work. It probably is not that at all easy being away from family. And, I could feel a certain longing-ness in their voice when we talked about Philippines; and their usual question would always be if we're looking for work in SG.

(According to RJ, bus drivers are Singaporeans. They have some sort of union that bus and taxi drivers should only be given to Singaporeans.)

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