Aug 11, 2013

Book wither

Lately, I feel I badly need to read a book again. After writing in and out about running, I felt I needed to see a different view. (I did recently finished a book, sneaker wars, but it's a bit related to running so it does not count.)

There's no problem in books. The problem is there are too many books.

But my bigger problem is that I felt I had read all kinds of books. And I feel that all other books i want to read are more or less will have the same thoughts.

Like I read "founders at work," "coders at work," and now I see there's "vc at work," which I fancy to read but it seems duh. 

I fancy reading Churchill(sp?) but I had read Fidel Castro, and i feel like there's no other stupider , in a wicked way, political personality than him.

I also think of reading entrepreneurship / marketing kind of books but gawd, I think I read too many of that genre, I want to puke just thinking of yet another seth godin book.

Mark told me that I should be reading a book. Well, I don't have a kindle, that kindle that glows in the dark. Lame excuse, ikr! :)

Anyhoo, at the start of long weekend, I tried to pick some books. But no one stood out thus I cannot decide!

I read a few books about Steve Job's that somehow I already knew the story of Pixar.

Richard Branson book. I never read one branson book but mark had probably read all his books, and narrated them all to me.

There's a "eat, sleep, ride" book. I see them all in real life in different forms, I certainly need some time away from them.

Then a mashed of start-ups and marketing books!

Can you reeally blame me I just don't feel like pouring myself to a book?!?

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