Aug 28, 2013

F OOTD: couple shirts

Long time ago, few asked me why mark and i wear the same shirts. 

There was no romantic reason behind. It's because:
* Mark is lazy. So he just picked 2 of the same design everytime threadless was having sale back back then. Note that we're now on :)
* I want to annoy Mark so I'd wear the design he'd wear. 
* To strengthen our relationship!!! 

Outfit: male and female shirts by I need to ask the designer the story of the design.
Male and female boobs. Man boobs not from

MU: MOR lip macaron, a pasalublong way from down south australia from a friend! Colgate for our teeth!

So get now couple shirts from! If you don't have a partner, well, at least you have a couple shirt! :) 

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