Aug 29, 2013

F OOTD: the wet (market) look

I love shopping, and getting dirty! I mean dirty in a sexy kind of way! :) And so wet market is the perfect shopping place for me! I go there at least twice a week for my dose of retail therapy!

Forgive my husband for ruining this perfect moment! But that's me in my most glam wet market spree attire!

This one a better shot.
It's marang season!

Outfit: shirt not from Beach shorts from roxy or billabong, the logo's gone after hundred timea of washing. Flipflops from ipanema (spelling?). Fruits, vegetables, meat, fish from the lovely manongs and manangs that look like me! :) that's why i so belong! Next time, i will wear a shirt to inspire the manangs and manongs about art and fashion!

MU: no make-up, only natural perfume from the wet market!

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