Jul 7, 2014

8:36 7/4/2014: soika art

I met this guy after athletes talk. Karla came to carebear with him and his arts. :) honestly, i do not know how to appreciate art, i could not tell what is a good art and not. 

I only see colors. Any thing colorful visual art to me is beautiful. I don't care if they're illustrating sh*t or corny unicorns as long as they make it so wildly colorful, i will like it! Think adventure time characters in a very saturated / sharp colors -- that's my kind of beautiful art. I like it colorful, fluffy, kidlike doodle drawings.

Now i dunno if i should confess whose arts i really love coz it might be an jnsult to them if i like them based on my "judging qualities." :)

So i got 4 "soika" pieces because i thought my kids would like them, and of course, i like them. Though, i dunno how to display these kind of arts. 

* soika is a cebu-based street mural artist or something like that :)

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