Jul 24, 2014

Peddler: state of PH ecommerce?

Early this year when we started offering as an online registration portal for races / running events.  Looking back at it, funny how we thought online payment facility is our "killer feature" / our core service, but it turned out to be just an "abobot." And, we're actually finding ourselves now how to accept payments offline. =) Ironic?

But I guess that's just how the local consumers behave. And, despite the stories that online ecommerce is the next big thing, it's just not yet locally in the Philippines. But it's probably still right to have an online avenue, but to rely on it as the "core" means of getting payments is a funny thought unless you have no plans of earning.

I realized that "online payment service" was never our core feature. I mean looking from the race events organizers' point of view, they never took us in for the online registration. It's either because we're friends, or they just want to give us a chance, or because we're friends. =)

SO if you're thinking of Ecommerce is the next big thing, first, be ready to go out in the streets and peddle your ware! =)

So, 1-2-3 friends, inviting you this Friday's Athletes Talk. You can register for Talisay City Marathon with discounts! Or register to whatever races available at!!! Please register even if you don't run, you can register for your friends / relatives / crushes!

And, if you know any one organizing a race, please refer them to us! =) We will offer payment portal and friendship! =)

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