Jul 31, 2014

Tester, i was and will always be!

I met with an old friend way back in multiply days. They just came back from US after living and his husband working there for years.

The "marketing firm" has been in my head for months already. So i brought it up with her because she's a marketing student, and was a marketing career woman before going to US. She could definitely give me "aha" moments.

And i was not disappointed. I even, Somehow, struck a deal with her. Our minds met and locked, and proclaimed " SEA, watch out for us!!!"

But before doing that, i need to lay my cards.

She lay her cards, while I was having a hard time identifying what are my cards. All I know is that I do any thing that requires a lot of my thick-face, and that I do things even if it meant digging a hole for sh*t. I can handle #thatawkwardmoments. I can do it from online to offline up to someone's nightmare. 

So i tried to recall my past job titles. I was customer support, technical FAQ writer which is really a customer support, tester. 

So i'm a tester by heart -- always testing and trying things?! :)

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