Jul 26, 2014

Father and son career conversation

Migi: unsa diay ngalan sa imong work, pa?
Mark: computer programmer.
Migi: aw
Mark: business man bitaw ko.
Migi: di oy. 'Taka lang.
Mark: ngano man?
Migi: lahi man ng businessman. Naa may tindahan ng businessman mamaligya.
Mark: businessman man ko. Maghimo man ko software ibaligya. Ngano man diay?
Migi: wa man gud ko kasabot unsa imo gibuhat.

(For some reason, computer programmer is something hard to explain. Even I when asked, people's reactions, when i replied that mark is programmer:
* naa mo'y internet cafe?
* pwede magpaayo og computer
* then you become a call center for people who wants to get advise on what specs of a computer to buy
So most of the time, my reply will be the address where the husband is working.)

It seems i'm not the only one having a problem explaining mark's job. He's
Probably asked what's his father's work...)

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