Jul 15, 2014

Lampaso Look

After a St. ignatius run, and so a whole bucketlist of tasks to do going awry in my
Mind. I need to kill them. So I went to yoga so i can do a dead pose. Because when you're dead, nothing will bother u any more. I'm not being suicidal here. I just want to murder some of unnecessary tasks running around my head.
Then, i went to david's in qc pavillion. My suki is shirly. And, i remember now why i like shirly. Because she's the only hairstylist who dared to cut my hair really short. Most of the stylist would advise me not to go into boycut-ish kind of cut because i'm fat.

I realized that it's hard for me to get into the zone for another project after a project. I need space. #chos

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