Nov 16, 2014

Bask in glitters

There's so much feeling of "unfairness" inside of me now, but there's no point of wallowing in it. There was victory, but it feels so empty and devoid.

But I'd rather bask in sunshine and rainbow glitters! :)

I have friends. Period. Despite being that distant kind of person, i'm so happy that there are a lot of people who came to my side and back to help out. I guess that's why carrying that difficult event was somehow not that bad because there are people who do  truly wish me well.

And, there may be a few unfair people but i find more kind people. I'm so thankful for receiving a lot of help from people i don't know. Even if they were all last minute requests, they were nice to accommodate me.

How can i ever be BV with these? :)

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