Nov 2, 2014

Beach Essentials

I hate marketing. Being a psych student, i  have an eeny weeny idea of how mental manipulation is done on it, deception, etc.

But from time to time, i would find myself doing marketing-related works, unconsciously or not. I guess it comes with my habit of writing. Writing is probably the easiest form of marketing. 

But this "marketing" thing gets more emphasize lately with my current "job" as fun run promoter. Either i'm doing good about it or there's just no other person doing it that i could feel the demand from others for me to do it. 

So lately, i'm thinking over and over if i should put up a marketing business. I already have a name for it - Colon Street Marketing - and bought the domain name 

No question that i can do it. But i have a preview already of what "marketing" is about, and i'm not really sure if i'm willing to be under the pressure. It does not help that there's no great financial motivation for me to do it (i'm being "hambug" at that but it's just my reality. I can flop a project, and i'll just be fine at the expense of a client.)

And most of all, i'm still not ready of creating marketing copies like "Beach Essentials."

As much as how you want to make your marketing approach as "intellectual," the "make you feel like hollywood celebrity" still sells best.

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