Nov 26, 2014


If Meg has a thing for books, migi has a thing for notebooks. Every now and then, he would request for a notebook.

So what's inside his notebooks. Mark don't want me to touch them because he said they're very private stuff for migi. Anyhoo, the girl in me cannot resist.
Those littany of "computer/video games is bad" is kinda true. Because it can lead to poor spelling skills. Well, at least he got the "terraria" part right.
Gawd, how i always try to avoid that "computer is bad" conversation because i'm very guilty of it. But as they say "kung ano pinakain sa mga anak, sya din ang bunga." This family feeds on software, what can i do? @.@

A whole notebook was filled with this "gibberish." I mean gibberish, but it probably means a lot to Migi.


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