Nov 20, 2014

i whine therefore i am

After 3 weeks of getting "busy" in Lapu-lapu, which I felt that I was also busy weeks before that and weeks before that, I'm feeling blah. A few tasks were left behind in the past weeks, and I need to catch up on them but my mind is just so hard to jumpstart. It just refused to do any thing.

Anyhoo, yesterday was the last meeting of the Lapu-lapu project, which was actually of going thru profit and loss. And, it was "loss" written all over the board.

I was thinking of skipping the "meeting" yesterday because "mood swings." But I'm so happy to own to it, and face it because "closure."

So any way, too many lessons there. I'm just happy I went thru it. Having survived that, I think I can go thru all sorts of hell in selling all kind of aphrodisiacs. But but but, of course, I'm no longer ignorant to be willingly go thru yet another kind of those.

That 12K event definitely did make a good spanking of wake-up call to me.

Dakong pasalamat ani nga bana who just went along with my "impractical" tasks.

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