Nov 23, 2014

Foodstamping #weekend

On a few times, i get a comment from "new" friends that they're surprised that i already have 3 kids because they said they don't see photos of my kids on facebook. While "old" friends from "multiply days" would tell me why i'm no longer posting photos of my kids on facebook. Because i posted every single day of my kids' life in multiply from their first bath, nail cutter, haircut, solid food, etc. I probably run out of firsts of my kids to post, that's why.

I don't think i stopped posting. They just don't know where i posted it, or plainly i'm not stalkable for them. Or they have more interesting stuff on their feeds than my posts.

So here's a photo of them this weekend. We went to maribago blue water on foodstamp.
And here are photos of foods.
And photo of the sold-out beach. All those "recliner seats" were taken. A lot are probably foodstamping too. 

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