Nov 25, 2014

Edna Kahlo, the life of

I got a new haircut, boy-cut as usual.

As i posted in my facebook, mark's first comment when he saw my new hair was that I look like Edna. Edna is our neighbor, from outside the subdivision, who peddles items and services inside the subdivision. A neighbor actuAlly pointed out in my fb's comment that she also sells "budbud."

But Mark knows her mainly as "masiao dealer." Masiao is a cheaper version and more personalized lotto. 

And it got me thinking, how i'm not too different from her. She sells "masiao," I sell fun run. But she probably has a more interesting life.

See, before she targets every guard and carpenter / panday in the subdivision, she's known to be a "widow-maker." She burried 3 husbands already being left with 6 kids from different fathers.

And she's popular because almost all the guards and pandays became her lover (exaggeration maybe). But her latest lover was a panday in one of the houses inside the subdivision who underwent some renovation.

And, i truly wish that he is her true love that will last for a long time. She sometimes "tambay" at home with the "ate's" and somehow i saw her thru "kilig" and heartbroken moments; and, because raising 6 kids on her own, she deserves a good man beside her.

Love. Sex. Companionship. Hair. I are all no different from Edna. 

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