Mar 14, 2016


I'd been doing this 9 Mondays visit to nanay's tomb. And, I tried to insert visiting some "living" people along the way: relatives or friends. Because I kind of realized that i don't want to wait for people to be dead before I visit them. 

Today, I was happy to know that SM myBus has a bus stop in Cansojong, so near my uncle's house. I dropped by to bring a cake for my aunt'd birthday this week. I'm not sure when exactly this week is her birthday. @.@

My aunt's not home, and my uncle's abroad. But my cousin, Jonel, was home. He's autistic (they said it's in our genes.). I'm the eldest of the cousins in my mother's side, and Jonel's the 3rd. I think he's already 30. I used to "babysit" for him, highschool / college days. He's non-verbal that's why it was really challenging watching over him.
I do miss my nanay. When the surgeon saw the size of the mass of the tumor in her colon, he told me that based on its size, it's probably already there 10 years developing inside her. It kinda pains me to think that all those years, my nanay has probably just hid her pains from me. But I'd like more to believe that God made it painless for her all those times.

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